Tuesday, October 10, 2006

An Apology and a note on safety

Yesterday, I did about 10 things for Trevor, and this was first thing in the morning, and I am so cranky first thing in the morning as it is. After doing about 10 things for Trevor (getting him toast, getting him milk, getting him cereal, etc.) I asked him to do one thing for me.

I had made coffee for me and Daddy, and I had yelled down to the basement where Daddy was, that his coffee was ready. He didn't acknowledge me, so I assumed he didn't hear me. So, I asked Trevor to go downstairs and tell his Daddy that we had coffee for him. I think my exact words were, "Go tell Daddy that coffee is ready."

Can you guessed what happened next?

Trevor yelled as loud as he could, "DADDY, YOUR COFFEE IS READY!" He didn't even yell from the top of the stairs. That kid did not even get off the couch to tell his dad that coffee was ready.

I was a little exasperated, but it got me to thinking how all I asked was one little thing after I had done 10 things for him. And, although he did it, and he didn't complain, he certainly didn't do it as well as I had hoped he would.

So, Mom and Dad, I am sorry for all those times that I refused to do those little things you asked me to do, or did half-assed, or did, but only begrudgingly. I'm sorry. :)

As far as safety goes, I've often said that Trevor takes risks with caution, and Devin just takes risks. But, that's not precisely true. A few months ago, I took the boys to Wal-Mart, and I forgot to buckle Devin in to his carseat. He told me about my mistake almost immediately by yellin "BUU, BUU, BUU."

I guess he's safe when it really counts.

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