Sunday, October 01, 2006


Trevor has this feather pillow that he sleeps with. He doesn't really sleep on it; he just sleeps with it mostly.

But, it's yucky. He's slept with it for a long time. He's had several bloody noses on it. Just yucky. A pillowcase would be a good solution, but pillow cases are too scratchy. So, he refuses to use a pillowcase.

This morning, I offered him another pillow. The name brand is "Velvet Touch," and it's not covered in yuck. I offered the pillow to him, and we both noted how nice and soft it felt on our cheeks. I moved his yucky pillow to the basement, and I tried a pillowcase again. The softest one we have.

But, it didn't work.

About 15 minutes before bedtime, Trevor went upstairs to get his pillow and blanket so he could lay down on the floor. Apparently, he went upstairs for his blanket, took the nice soft pillowcase off the pillow we both decided was soft and lovely and discovered his usual pillow was missing! I tried to tell him it was yucky, and the new pillow was better. But, he just wanted his usual pillow, and he would not accept the nice clean pillow with the soft pillowcase.

Fortunately, Daddy had washed his usual pillow, and some of the yuck did come out. And, that's good. But, I know that we are just starting the cycle anew because a pillowcase is still unacceptable to Trevor..

Trevor calls his pillow chillow.

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