Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I just picked up Devin from daycare, took him to the doctor, and then took back to daycare. I knew that me dropping him off would be traumatic for all involved, and I wasn't looking forward to it. But, his teacher, Sarah, told me a pretty cute story to make up for my desire to take Devin home and spend the day, just him and me.

She told me that Devin was getting upset yesterday late in the day, so she asked Devin's friends to go get Trevor. Now that Trevor is in Pre-K, he gets to play in the big part of the playground with the big toys and bikes, and it's seperated from the little park the little kids play in.

Devin's friends got Trevor's attention, and he came over to Devin and said, "Don't be sad, Devin. Dad will come to get us soon. He doesn't forget about us."

Makes me smile just to write that one down.

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Anonymous said...

Brothers are like that! I have 2 boyz as well, and they like to keep each other in good spirits, and good fights, too! LOL!