Sunday, October 01, 2006


I've been thinking that a nice addition to my blog would be a recounting of our "finding out" that the boys were on their way.

It took a while to get pregnant with Trevor. That didn't stop me from testing every single month just a day or a few hours before nature would reveal that I wasn't pregnant at all. The first month that I was pregnant with Trevor, I tested, and I got what I thought was a negative result. I remember holding the test up at an angle, trying to see if there was even a shadow of a line indicating that I was pregnant. I knew that any line at all was a positive result, but no matter what angle I held the test at or what alternate light source I used, the test would not reveal to me what I so desperately wanted it to reveal.

The next day, just as I could have predicted, nature came along and confirmed that negative pregnancy test. But, nature wasn't normal at all, and I came to believe that nature was trying to fool me. So, against Daddy's advice, I bought another pregancy test at Jewel. This pregancy test actually had a some sort of keepsake window, and the cashier who rung me up expressed her wishes for a good result.

It was Mother's Day 2002.

That test was positive. And, I did keep that test in junk drawer until we moved to the new house over a year after Trevor was born!

I went to the doctor the next day. It was a very faint result, and I believed it really was a positive result, but I'm not so sure Daddy believed. Plus, I thought I had low progesterone, and I wanted to get that checked out.

The test at the doctor's office was much quicker and clearer to show its positive result (I kept that test too for over a year!) I called Daddy on my cell phone from the doctor's office. He was nonchalant and seemed a little annoyed that I was calling him at work. I'm not sure how he felt at the time, but he likes Trevor a lot, so it worked out OK. My progesterone was low, and I was afraid it was so low that I would lose the pregnancy. The nurse actually prepared me for exactly that outcome. But, Trevor was a sticky bean obviously.

So, that's how we found out that Trevor was on the way.

With Devin, I think I "knew" I was pregnant with him moments after he was concieved. We were doing that "not trying, but not trying to not..." thing. It was the February before we moved into our new house.

After I was pregnant, but before I knew it for sure, we went to dinner at Bob Chinn's with friends, and I was so jealous to learn they were expecting baby #2. I had a Mai-Tai or two, while she had a virgin daiquiri. But, one day at work, I walked into the bathroom as a couple of smokers were walking out. The smell on their clothes made me sick to my stomach. And, I was so excited by that! On the Friday after Daddy's birthday, and after all these little things, I decided to go out at lunchtime for a pregnancy test and some sort of present for Daddy (in case the whole pregnancy thing wasn't enough!)

I tested at lunch. As a woman formerly obsessed with pregnancy and getting pregnant, I knew that should wait to test with first morning urine, but I couldn't wait, because like I said, I just knew! (But I wanted proof).

The test was positive, right away. I stuck the test in my pocket and took it back to my cube. I put the test in my pencil drawer, and tried to get back to work. Getting back to work wasn't in the cards. I called my buddy over to look at the test. Then, I may have called Mom and Vikki. I didn't call Daddy. We had plans for his birthday for the next day. We went to Fogo De Chao down in Chicago. I can't remember who babysat with Trevor.

Before Daddy had a chance to order wine for me, I gave him a little gift bag with the test and a big Hershey's bar and a very carefully wrapped in many layers of tissue paper positive pregnancy test. I think he said, "you're pregnant?!" I may have said, "Happy Birthday!" It was a happy time.

We didn't have nearly the issues with progesterone with Devin that we did with Trevor. And, he was a good sticky bean, too.

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