Tuesday, September 05, 2006

the Fishing Derby

We participated in our neighborhood fishing derby this weekend with good results.

Trevor caught an 11" bass on his spiderman fishing pole which at one point tied him for first place in the Bass category. He was ultimately knocked to 2nd place when another fisherman caught a 20" bass, but since he was the only 3-1/2 year old with a spiderman fishing pole to catch a 2nd place bass, he got the special honor of picking the second prize.

He chose a Batman fishing pole.

In addition to his 11" bass, he also caught an ugly burping catfish and about 20 sunfish.

We also went fishing in our forest preserve pond later in the weekend. We caught about 10 sunfish, all of which were less than 5" long.

Trevor has pretty special luck with his pole. I hand it to him and tell him to reel me in a fish. Then, he reels me in a fish.

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