Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New Story

We got the boys some cute little water bottles for summer. Trevor's has Spiderman on it, and Devin's has Superman. Trevor's lid is blue with a red spout. Devin's lid is blue with a yellow spout. Generally, I rinse the bottle and refill with water. Yesterday, I washed all of the components seperately.

When it was time to re-assemble the bottles, I made a mental note to re-assemble the bottles properly. At the time, however, I didn't know that Trevor's lid has a red spout and Devin's had a yellow spout. So, I took a guess and guessed wrong. I put Devin's lid on Trevor's bottle and vice-versa. I filled the bottles with water and sent Trevor, Devin and Daddy off to work with the two water bottles.

Daddy called me on the way home to tell me this story:

Devin asked for some water, so Daddy gave Devin the Superman water bottle. Devin asked for water again, even though he had his bottle of water. So, Daddy offered him Trevor's water bottle. This was fine with Devin and he drank. Trevor told Daddy that he wanted water, and he wanted his water bottle. So, Daddy told Devin that he had to give Trevor back his water bottle, and then he facilitated the switch. This made Devin upset. The Trevor asked, "Hey, why is Devin's cap on my water bottle?"

Daddy switched the caps, and all was well again.

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