Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh, boy.

I've not been a good blogger. What will memaw do? I'm going to be grounded!

So, here's my new story. It's one that I hope Trevor doesn't read until it's no longer true.

Trevor can not tell a lie.

And by that, I mean when he tells a lie, I have no idea he tells a lie. Until I casually say, "oh, really?" like in '"oh, really?" I'm just chit-chatting with you' and not like '"oh, really?" you'd better tell me the truth, young man!'

It's happened more than once that we're talking, he casually tells me a lie, I have no idea, but in the course of normal conversation, he reveals that he's told me a lie. Yesterday, I asked him if he'd eaten all the lunch I had packed for him. You would be surprised to learn that Devin almost always finishes his lunch and Trevor very rarely finishes his lunch. I think it's because at Trevor's school, they combine lunch and recess. So, he wolfs down a few bites and then goes out to play.

Well, I asked him if he finished his lunch. I'd packed a chicken leg. Chicken legs were a huge hit when I first made them. But, by the second time I made them, not so much. But, I had a lot, and I was using them in their school lunches. So, mostly, I just wanted to know.

He said that he had eaten it. I said "oh, really?" then he admitted the truth. Apparently, the chicken leg was really popular with one of his classmates, and he traded it for something cake-like, covered in chocolate and filled with cream.

It's hard to punish him for lying when the lies are so short lived. So, we just told him we didn't care if he traded his food, but don't trade your main meal for dessert next time!

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Anonymous said...

Thats okay. You are not grounded. I understand the boys are getting older, you do not have as much time, it is to boring, they do not do as many interesting things, what other excuses can I use hummmmmmm. Oh Well I do enjoy it when you do blog.
Love you all,