Thursday, March 18, 2010

Really? (A day in the life)

We went out to dinner tonight to a Japanese/Chinese restaurant. At the end of the night, my fortune said, "You are in line for a promotion at your firm." After reading it out loud, Devin said (with his perfect comedic timing) "really, mom?!?" (He was very excited for me.)

We thought it was funny because he has no idea what that means.

On the way to dinner, I mentioned to John that I had gotten a call from a neighbor. She had asked me about a week ago to keep an eye on her house while she and her husband went on vacation. I was all ready to do that, but she never brought me the key. She was calling to tell me that her sister in law has the key, and she only has one key, so maybe I could just make sure her cars don't get stolen. When I said that last part, Devin said, "Are they new?" in a desperate OMG sort of way. It would be very bad to have your cars stolen, but even worse to have your NEW cars stolen.

(Is that funny to you or was it a "had to be there" moment?? It made us giggle with delight.)

Earlier in the day, Trevor and I had a quick lesson on fractions. I can't remember why I was fishing for validation or why I felt the need to "keep it real" for my handsome, loving and sensitive boy, but I declared that sometimes I'm nice and sometimes I'm mean. I should also mention here that if I say I'm ugly, Trevor will say I'm pretty. If I say I'm fat, Trevor will say I'm not that fat. If I say I'm the worst mom ever, Trevor will say I'm the best mom ever. I really don't need to fish for validation with this boy. It's probably not good for him.

So, anyway, Trevor trying to put me back on that pedestal says, "you're just 50% mean and 50% nice." And, I said (just to clarify) "you think I'm mean half the time?" Then, he clarified that what he really meant was that I'm NICE 89% of the time and mean 10% of the time. Then, I turned it into a math lesson and asked about the other 1%. Then, he turned it into a lesson in loving your mommy more than she deserves and declared I was nice 99% of the time and mean only 1% of the time.

And, that's a day in our life.

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