Wednesday, March 17, 2010


There are some activities in the world that make me really tired. Some things make me tired in a good way. Like swimming in the ocean (or jumping around in the waves which is what I really do), snow skiing, walking around Disney World. When I do these things, I get truly exhausted and sleep well. I need to vacation more often.

Then there are other things that make me really tired, but in not so good way. Like cleaning the boys' rooms. Do you know how mentally exhausting this is? I pick up a random piece of plastic and wonder what it is, and then I try to figure out if I should keep it or throw it away. Will it make a toy they really like completely useless? Then, two weeks later, I will wake up in the middle of the night wondering if I threw out a toy that has sentimental value and suffer squeezy head and tightness in chest syndrome.

But lately, the thing that really makes me tired is Devin.

Devin doesn't speak in declarative, imperative or exclamatory sentences any more. All of his sentences are interrogative. Every single one of his sentences are questions. He asks questions to learn new things (OK) questions that question the thing he has just learned (OK once or twice) questions he's already asked a mere seconds before, questions about time (oh, the questions about time and how long and is that a long time and I can't believe my brain is still intact!) There are so many questions about candy. Can I have a piece of candy? yes. Can I have two pieces of candy? no. Can I have this piece of candy? yes. Will you open it for me? ok.

Do you know that sometimes he even asks stupid questions? He really does! He is a button pusher! I can't think of any good examples, but there have been a few times where we just have to say we're not going to answer his question because it's a stupid question.

Oh, and his newest is the worst because it's a question that makes me feel oh so incredibly guilty (Did you know moms are most guilty of feeling guilt? I read it on the internet!) His newest question is Will you play with me? Often followed up with Why won't anyone play with me? And every now and then with Is it because I'm wearing this big Mickey Mouse hand? (ok, that only happened once.)

I've discovered that sometimes, I just have other things to do, like read the internet, or make dinner, or pick up dog food that Boots takes out his bowl and doesn't eat, or tell the boys to pick up their socks. Sometimes, I'm really just too busy to play with him. But, other times, I can't think of anything to play with him. I don't mind watching him ride his bike or scooter. But, to actually use my imagination and play with him? It can be a little boring. I should do it more often. I'm pretty sure precious memories are created when I play pretend castle, Ben 10 (I'm Gwen!) or hide and seek (this game secretly terrifies me. Did I hide in the trunk of a car at Karla's house in Ochelata one time in July? I think I did!)

So, let me end by asking, when will I write my next post? I don't know. Will it be tomorrow or two weeks from now? I really don't know. Is that a long time? Is what a long time, I don't understand the question? When will summer be here? In about 3 months. Is that a long time? Yes. How long is it? 3 months, a long time. Do I have to wear shoes to go outside? Yes. Do I have to wear socks? Yes. What if I wear my sandals? OK, no socks if you wear sandals. Will you buckle my sandals? Wear shoes if you can't buckle your own sandals! Can I wear short sleeves? OK. When will I be in First Grade?

(Do you need a nap now? I do.)


Anonymous said...

Got to love them Mom,
and yes I know where they get most of the questing from.
Love you

Anonymous said...

that would be questions.

Anonymous said...

that would be questions.