Monday, February 01, 2010


Devin and Trevor can both snow ski. They're both really, really good! Trevor is taking lessons through a school program, and he's quite fearless. He would stay out there forever if he could. Devin has taken one lesson and spent a lot of time with John, and I just wish you could see him. He's really fast and fearless and actually knows how to stop without falling. He's pretty good at falling, too. Every now and then I would see a big wave of snow and little mound of Devin. But, he'd get up, dust off and keep going.

I'll try to video it next time. It's crazy to see these little boys zoom down the mountain, especially as I form my "pizza" to slow myself down to nothing so I don't have to throw myself down to stop. In case your mind is trying to picture me and the boys skiing down a big huge mountain, rest assured that we're sticking to the beginner slopes. I love the beginner slope. I never want to graduate from it. But, I may have to if the boys keep improving...


Anonymous said...

where are you skiing? I would love to see a video of all of you skiing.

Tricia said...

There are several places around here. There's a small resort in town, and we went to a larger mountain about an hour away on Sunday. It's so cute to watch Devin apply his "body english" to make his turns.