Monday, May 18, 2009


One thing you should know about Trevor is that he loves video games. Loves them. He's learning to read now. And I'm guessing that 48% of his motivation has to do with reading video game instructions.

One day, he was talking to John, our resident computer guy, about how he wanted to make a video game. In fact, he asked John for help since he knows that John is a computer guy. John gave him his standard answer. I can do the programming, but I don't have any artistic ability.

Taking his cue, Trevor came home and starting drawing the characters for his video game, creating all the art needed for a video game. It's going to be Super Pets vs. Super Pests! Cool, huh? I engaged him in imagination, asking him to describe the levels in the video game he was drawing. I didn't really understand the scope of the project, though. I just enjoyed hearing the stories.

Later after he was all done, he asked John to "upload" his video game. John told him it didn't really work like that. Frustrated, Trevor asked if he could "download" it, then.

Poor Trevor. He cried himself to sleep that night because he really wants to play his video game. He did remain undaunted. He kept creating characters for his video game. In addition to Super Boots, Super cat, he created Super Butterfly. There are others. He also created a host of bad guys. There was Toxic Frog, spelled inventively as "Toxuh Fog". So cool. He meant to call him Toxic Toad, but got lost along the way.

Yesterday, we went to visit grandma and grandpa for grandpa's birthday. Trevor went through all of his characters, labeled all the bad ones as such and presented those to his grandpa for his birthday. As I told Grandma where the drawings had come from, I mentioned that Trevor had asked John about uploading the video game. He quickly corrected me. "No, mom, I wanted him to download it."

So, does anyone know a good video game creator??

Also, for reals this time, Trevor has a loose front tooth. Does anyone know what the tooth fairy is paying these days??

Super Boots

I'm not sure on this one. Super Duck, maybe?

Super Butterfly

Super Cat

Super Somebody

Super Somebody Else

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