Monday, March 23, 2009


Trevor has been taking swimming lessons for the last year or so. He's pretty good. He's not afraid of the water. You haven't seen a cannonball until you see Trevor do a cannonball. Swimming is sorta his thing. I'm thinking of checking into a swim team once he learns how to propel himself using something that looks less like a doggy paddle and more like a regular swimming stroke.

Devin has also been taking swimming lessons, but he doesn't care if he misses them. He's not afraid of the water, but he jumped on his teacher's head once because listening isn't really his thing, and he didn't listen for her to tell him to jump. So, next month, I'm not signing Devin up for swimming. He's OK with that.

Trevor's not, though. He tried to pep talk him into staying in lessons long enough to graduate.

I like Trevor's enthusiasm for his brother's swimming future, but I'm hoping he isn't too successful into talking him into anything.

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