Sunday, March 22, 2009


Sometimes, I fail to see how delightful Trevor can be. I think it's hard to miss because Devin just emanates delightfulness, if that makes sense. Trevor is all science and figuring things out, and Devin just makes me smile with his dislike of "scientist" books and his complete adoration of Trevor. He'll probably forget someday how much he loves Trevor. But, for the record, Devin would be a different person without Trevor. His love for his big brother is HUGE and complete.


We went for a walk today. Probably 3 miles round trip. I walked, Trevor scooted, Devin biked, Boots even came along and walked most of the way (little fella). We were walking along Slab Cabin Run which is a little creek. Trevor was quick on his scooter, and he would get pretty far ahead of us. He would stop and wait, and sometimes he would toss down his scooter and go take a closer look at the water. I caught up with him one time while he was contemplating the water.

"See how the water is calm. I'm going to sing a lullaby because it's calm. When I see the white water, I'll do something else."

When he saw white water, he did some cute little techno pop ditty.

And, I was quite delighted, really.

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