Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The boys wanted chocolate milk last night. Usually, I say no. Not for any good reason. Mostly just because I don't want to make it. But, I relented last night and got out the mostly empty bottle of chocolate syrup. I couldn't get any out, so I quickly gave up and said, "Sorry, no chocolate milk tonight!" I didn't really want to make it anyway.

Daddy to the rescue. He poured the milk into the mostly empty chocolate syrup bottle, shook vigorously and dispensed the best 2 glasses of chocolate milk ever.

When presented to Devin, he said, "Daddy, you're a GENIUS!"

Trevor said, "No, he's not. He just had that idea in his head." (party pooper)

Puppy Update
Sometimes, maybe 1/3rd of the time, Boots will sit on the bottom step where I keep his leash to tell me he has to go outside. Other times, I have to guess or just act super fast.

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