Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Sunday night at bedtime, I told the boys to brush their teeth. Further, I gave them 3 minutes and let them know if played around and it took longer than 3 minutes, they could just forget about a story. Somehow, no story at bedtime is their worst punishment ever. They love their bedtime stories.

So, Trevor (who by the way got one cavity filled last week and will have another filled tomorrow) brushed his teeth in 3 seconds flat. Done! He was getting his story! Devin, on the other hand, dillied and he dallied. He came downstairs looking for his "lasso" (really a piece of curling ribbon). This freaked Trevor out. "DEVIN, YOU GOTTA BRUSH YOUR TEETH OR YOU WON'T GET A STORY!!" he yelled pretty close to Devin's face as I told Devin, "Just go brush your teeth and then we'll talk about the lasso." He was overwhelmed with his desire to tell me about the lasso and the stern directions from me and Trevor at the same time. So, quick as a flash, he reached out and punched Trevor right in the chest.

We all stopped for an instant. Then I hugged Trevor as he cried and told Devin that he wasn't getting a story because he's not allowed to punch his brother. So, then he cried. And cried. And cried.

And cried.

Seriously, it's the worst deterrent we have in our arsenal.

So, much as I wanted to take it back and go ahead and read him a story (because some tears really DO make me want to change my mind and these were that kind) John read Trevor a story while I told Devin that I couldn't read him a story. I told him that even though I understood he was frustrated, there's never a good reason to punch your brother. He told me it was an accident, and I really did believe him. I think Trevor and I were both at fault for not letting him have his say. But, still. Can't punch your brother. So, I hugged and kissed him and said good night. Twice. Daddy did the same. And, Devin just kept crying.

Trevor tried to make it all go away, negotiating on his brother's behalf.

"It didn't really hurt," he said. We weren't going to be swayed though.

After Daddy and I had gone downstairs, Trevor listened for Devin to stop crying. And, when he did, Trevor brought him some books to cheer him up. Devin told us about that part on Monday.

I don't know. I think this whole "brothers" thing is really going to work out for these two.

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