Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Great Aspirations

I took the boys to the doctor this morning. By myself. No, no... it was OK. Don't feel too sorry for me. They got a little loud, but it was a reasonably respectable showing for me and my children. We all smelled a little smoky from being near a firepit last night, and I think that made the doctor sneeze. But, other than that, it was OK. Devin got 3 shots and cried. Trevor cried and balked at the idea of 2 shots, but then he was actually quite brave while receiving the actual shots. Then, he forgot how cried at the thought of shots and declared that he had been very brave.


On the way to the doctor's office, Devin was talking about what he wants to be when he grows up. Here's the list, in order.

1. A Doctor
2. A sign maker
3. A McDonald's Worker
4. A lifeguard

He's funny.

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