Thursday, October 30, 2008

Book Review

I just want to review this book. I picked it up at a Garage Sale without reading it. It was just 25 cents, and I was a madwoman picking up books like we didn't already have 1 million books at home.

Well, the boys like this book. Devin sleeps with it.

But, I don't like it.

It's about a penguin who is so cuddly that all of his siblings are always accosting him for the sole purpose of cuddling. He has several siblings. Maybe even 100. Penguins lay one or two eggs per couple per breeding season. It's just not possible for Dudley to have more than one sibling in his age group.

And, Dudley, instead of being called Cuddly, really ought to be called Fuddly! He doesn't like all that attention. He complains about it so much that he runs away from his unlikely family. He finds a cabin and moves in to play all by himself. Finally, the owner of the cabin comes home, and he's dressed like an Eskimo.

Well, Penguins don't exist in the Arctic where Eskimos live. Puffins do. But, this is a book about a penguin, not about a Puffin.

I wouldn't care about this craziness if I didn't know it was crazy! But, I do. I know because I bought a book about penguins for Trevor and Devin, and I read it to them. And, now Cuddly Dudley comes along and tries to invalidate what they've learned! It's a fairy tale, I get that. I'm not complaining about penguins who talk even though I know that they can't. But, it could be made accurate, right? Couldn't it??

So, anyway. If you're reading this and considering buying this book at a garage sale, you can if want. But, please correct the inaccuracies when you read it to your child.

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