Thursday, June 19, 2008

Welcome to the Twilight Zone

The kids are out of school this week. I had a babysitter for half the week, but it just didn't seem worth it, so I "fired" her (she seemed a little bored, anyway.)

So, the kids have been playing in the basement with each other, not loudly, with no TV, and they aren't asking for snacks. They aren't wearing shirts, but that seems to be the only thing they aren't doing right, and honestly, I don't care if they don't wear shirts. I just want them to wear underwear, and I don't care if they're inside out and/or backwards.

I went down a little bit to make sure they were breathing. They were.

Trevor said, "we're becoming good brothers."

It seems, this week, that they are.

1 comment:

Swistle said...

Underpants on AND not loud? Do you have some sort of special CHERUB kind of child at your house?