Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Home made raisins

That could be so many things, couldn't it? Home made raisins could be a a cute little name for, well, use your imagination...

But, here, it means precisely what it says. A couple of months ago, I set a grape on the counter and day by day it dried itself out and turned itself into a raisin. I was surprised that it never got moldy or gross. I thought a grape needed the sun or some mechanincal process to dry it out quickly enough to make a raisin. But, the fact is, our grape turned into a raisin.

After it was officially a raisin, we started passing it around the family for closer examination, and it somehow got moved from the safe place on the counter to our kitchen table.

That's where it was last night when Devin started examining it. I was busy and not paying too much attention to him. Then, he said, "See, Mommy, it wasn't yucky! it wasn't yucky at all!"

Devin ate the home made raisin. I guess it wasn't yucky.

The computer guy sat out two more grapes last night. Next time, there will be enough to share.

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