Thursday, December 06, 2007

Because Memaw would want to know...

...the kids are sick. Mostly, it's just Devin. He says his mouth and his ear hurt. His teacher tells me they had strep at the school about 10 days ago, and I'm committed to trying to let it run its course. He just saw the doctor on Monday for his annual check-up, and the doctor only saw a tiny little bit of fluid in his right ear. His left ear is draining, so I think whatever infection there was migrated to the other side of his head. He acts pretty puny when he's in pain, but either Tylenol or ibuprofen does an amazing job on his pain. So, when he's not in pain, he's completely normal and happy and oh, so, talkative. Exhaustingly talkative. I had to let the pain medication completely wear off today so that he would take a nap. Of course, the nap was nice for me. I got to take a break. But, mostly, I believe in the recuperative effect of sleep and HE needed the nap for that.

Trevor has something going on. He threw up two days ago for no reason, and then was fine. He did the same thing at Memaw's and Papa's house over Thanksgiving (well, that wasn't one episode and was a few and it lasted a few hours). And, tonight, he threatened to throw up 3 times. THREE TIMES! Then, he coughed and said, "Oh, I just had to cough." Then, he said, "NO, let me try just one more time." I felt afraid, for a moment, that he's in the early stages of bulimia. But, he mentioned later that he still felt a little bad. So, I think he was really just nauseous, and I don't know why. Come, share my worry. The bird flu has stopped scaring me, so I need something to worry about, right? Offer me advice on Trevor's nausea, but don't tell me anything scary.


Anonymous said...

Okay Tricia, don't worry KIDS go thru this things all the time. Both boys will be fine in a few days. Who knows why they get sick but every so often we all do. Trevor just has a bug that will leave as quickly as he got it. Devin may take a little longer because his ears on involved but dont worry they will both be fine in a couple of days. You and John may be worn out, but they will be fine. Love MOM

Busy_Woman said...

I did a little more research last night on why a kid would be throwing up, and I found that it could be meningitis. So, I asked him if the light hurt his eyes and if it hurt to touch his chin to his chest, and when it didn't, i decided it's not meningitis, and he's probably fine and probably not bulimic, either. Thanks, Anonymous Mom!

Anonymous said...

Okay Daughter,
I could not get my reply on your site unless I was anonymous MOM. I tried day before yesterday and again yesterday so I decided to be anonymous so I could reply to your blog.
I just tried again and it did not work like it used to.