Sunday, November 11, 2007

Quirk Update


He didn't actually go potty, but he asked, I took him the bathroom, and he sat on the toilet without pretending to pee and said he didn't want to go potty. He also took that time to tell me tht he had gone potty at school last week. That may or may not have been a lie or a misrepresentation of the truth. I see this as a milestone, a first step, and hope that he will be potty trained before he goes to kindergarten. HOO-RAY!

Trevor has combined his cleverness with his status as a clothes horse and his desire to be semi-nude in pur 68 Degree home as of yesterday after my original post about his quirks. His dad recently introduced him to the idea of layering, sort of a cool thing to do. Yesterday, we made him get dressed in a long sleeved shirt and some jeans so we could go out. The moment that we got home, he took off his long sleeved shirt revealing a tank top beneath. Then, smiling, he took off his jeans, revealing his favorite red, shiny Nike shorts beneath (which matched his tank top, of course). He took off his socks, and he was OFF! My clever, little clothes horse...

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