Monday, October 08, 2007

He's still deep

The other day, Trevor talked about and demonstrated his need to be independent. He is still just my little boy, though.

Last night, he was laying on the floor watching The Simpsons, when he started to sniffle. The sniffle turned into a cry.

We asked him what was wrong, but he just cried a little cry even more.

We asked again, and he finally told us that he was sad because he doesn't want to grow up. He doesn't want to grow up because he won't be able to do all the things he likes to do. I guess that includes eating ice pops at school, laying on the floor watching the Simpsons and drinking milk through a cookie straw.

I'm glad that his moments of struggle to be independent come with moments where independence is confusing and sad. I like watching him grow up. I do wish he realized that we don't normally give in to requests made during tantrums, but that's a story for another day.

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