Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Travelling Bone

The Family and I have been travelling for the last little bit of forever. We're still travelling. I'm still in the car. I want to be home. We're not too far from home. The navigation system says that we're only 116 miles from home. Two hours and 58 minutes. I've forgotten what home looks like. We'll be there soon, I hope...

We went to the Jersey Shore. I never really thought much of New Jersey before I went there. But, the beach was very nice. The ocean was salty. Transitions from one body of water to another was terribly distressing to Trevor. He loved the ocean, and he loved the pool, and he didn't want to leave either, ever, not even for the other one. Devin loved the sand, and he kept acting like one of those little birds who give themselves dust baths. Unlike the birds, though, Devin's sand baths just left him covered in sand and dirtier than ever.

For fun and excitement, we stopped at an Atlantic City Casino for lunch on the way out of town. I found 100 bucks on the floor. I looked around for some desperate person and stuck it in my pocket when no one seemed to be missing the money. That was cool.

Then, we drove and drove and drove. For three days we drove. We stopped in Kansas City at a Casino for fun and excitement, and I only lost 35 of that 100 bucks I found in that Atlantic City Casino.

We finally made it to Oklahoma for a fabulous fish fry. Here are some funnies committed along the way...

Logan, my niece, said good-bye to her cousin, Treasure (Trevor.) I told him to say good-bye to his cousin, Precious. He did that, but then he was really embarrassed by it.

Devin climbed on a bench in our hotel room, telling me, "Mom, I can climb on this table." I asked, "You can?" to which he responded, "OK, if you say so!!"

Daddy and I told the boys that driving at night was a little treacherous because of truck drivers, inexperienced drivers, and the potential for encountering drunk drivers. Trevor didn't know what a drunk driver was, so he asked, and we explained it to him. People who had too much to drink at the bar and then tried to drive their cars home.

The next morning, we heard Trevor explaining to Devin about the strunkards who like to drive at night and how that was bad. I like the way he learns life lessons.

Later in the trip, we stopped at the Drury Inn for the night. They offer free evening beverages (Cocktails!) We each had our beverages and got a little tipsy. Just a little. Trevor understood us to be a little strunkled after that. So, we walked to dinner. Driving strunk would have been pretty bad after all that he had learned.

And, now, we are 104 miles from home. Two hours and 36 minutes. Trevor has lost his toy boat for hitting Devin with it. Devin is talking, talking, talking. I hope they take a nap. That would be nice.

Nap, nap, nap. Home, home, home. I miss my cat, bed, couch, garage, and my pink toilet...

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