Thursday, September 20, 2007

Osage County

Our travels took us to Osage County, OK, where I grew up. I was surprised when the Computer Guy asked me to take pictures of the County Road between my parents' house and my grandma's house. I thought the beauty of the prairies, rolling hills, and slow moving creeks was lost to all but its native sons and daughters. I was happy to find out otherwise. I have a gazillion pics of cousins I haven't seen in decades and the children of said cousins. But, I want to take a moment to share Osage County.

This was taken from Low Water Bridge over Birch Creek (I think it's Birch Creek.)

Same creek, same bridge, other direction. I remember when some of those rocks in the water were ledges above the water.

Red Ants attacked my legs on that bit of red dirt when I was a kid. At least, I think that's my memory. Does anyone else want to claim it?

This is the view right before the other county road that heads back towards 11. This has always been my favorite view in Osage County. I may try to photo-shop it. You need to look beyond the grass in the foreground at the panoramic view in the background.

Oh, there it is...

At the bottom of this hill is Low Water Bridge.

The Computer Guy took this one. He wanted to get a shot of the landscape dotted with oil pumps. I only saw two in real life. There are four (maybe 5) in the picture!

Here's the full size for you to explore on your own:
Dotting the landscape

Here's the last bit of County Road before Wynona. Actually, this is the short cut. The one that used to have a belly buster.

Another shot of Birch Creek from Low Water Bridge.

There really is no place like home...

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