Friday, August 03, 2007

That kid is something else!

I've heard people say this about their children, grandchildren, friend's children, etc. People say this about children. I just thought it was small talk and never thought much about it, but that Devin, that kid of my very own, he is something else!

First, there's the way he'll hit you and when you complain, he immediately says "Sorry!" like that just fixes everything. Now, he's said sorry so much that we've told him we don't want to hear sorry any more. We want him to stop being sorry for things. Now, no one else can say sorry. "Don't say sorry. That a bad word," he growls at us when we say sorry genuinely.

Then, there's his backtalk. He does this all the time. We could tell him the sky was blue and he would say, "no, it's not." We could tell him it was time to change his poopy diaper, and he would say, "No, it isn't." Insolent child...

He likes to drag the kitchen chairs around to get him closer to candy. He hangs off doorknobs and opens the refrigerator all the time. He opens the pantry when we're not looking, gets pasta and brings it to me and asks me to make him dinner. When I tell him I'm making something else, he takes the pasta to his dad and tells dad to ask me to make pasta for dinner (notice how he doesn't ask his dad to make pasta for dinner??)

Tonight after dinner, I noticed he put his disposable yogurt container in the sink. When I took his container to the trash can, I noticed he had put his not so disposable plate in the trash can.

Oh, and then there's the way he wants 8 kisses before bed, and he wants to give 8 kisses before bed. mmmmm-uh, mmmmm-uh, mmmmm-uh. Air kisses, wet slobbery kisses, sweet kisses.

Then, there's the way he tells us he's a Todd-yer, not a baby, and not a big boy, either. A todd-yer.

I tell you...that kid is something else...

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