Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Well, thank you!

Devin isn't feeling well. He has a cold which always turns to asthma for him. I'm sure you're thinking of him now. Well, thank you!

My little competitive Trevor, who likes to win shoes races, coat races, and sing better songs than me, is awfully sweet. Just like sugar. It's possible that I returned from Oklahoma speaking with a cadence that reveals my heritage as a Southern-ish, rural born, girl. I'm guessing. Because, on more than one occasion last week, I complemented Trevor on one thing or another (and possibly nothing at all but it was interpreted as a compliment) and he responded with,
"Well, thank you!"

And, the way he said it was exactly the way I would say if someone from my hometown told me that my blouse was pretty or the color of my hair was especially pleasing. Well, thank you!...sorta drawling out the you and emphasizing the well. I think my mom knows what I'm talking about.

DISCLAIMER: If I could speak with the cadence and drawl that I grew up speaking, I would. I miss my accent. Plus, folks in the Midwest like it when a purty girl speaks with a Southern Accent. At least, most do. It would serve me well. Since I started my new job, it's come back a little because I like it so much more than my old job. It always comes back when I'm tired or when I'm speaking to other people with any hint of a Southern accent. So, I'm not denying who I am, and I'm not trying to talk like a Midwesterner. It just happens.

Well, thank you!

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