Friday, March 16, 2007

Relish Tray

There are a lot of things floating around in my head and antibiotic floating around in my system. I have a cold, too. So, please don't expect cohesion here. And, don't expect anything to be pickled.

Getting ready to leave for work earlier this week, I put Devin's shoes on him and then set him down. He immediately cried out, "TOO TIGHT. SHOE TOO TIGHT!" That back part piece had gotten folded down inside. Never a comfortable feeling. I took his shoe off and put it back on right, and then he said, "Not too tight anymore." I'm just wondering how he knows how to use the word "anymore" in a sentence correctly. What's the Spanish word for anymore? If I had to acquire a language on my own, I'm not sure I could modify my sentences with words/concepts like anymore. He, like Clever Trevor, is brilliant. Dazzling Devin. Too girly. Deep Devin. That's a little better. Discerning Devin? Too much something like I would say in real life. Well, he's brilliant.

When I drop the boys off at daycare, most days I have to put Adriot Devin's shoes back on his feet. Nothing like a 30 minute ride in the car with no shoes in the middle of winter. He certainly seems to think that way.

After putting his shoes back on, we all pile out of the car, which may, in fact, be too small for daycare dropoff duty (Toyota Sienna??), Trevor races up the sidewalk while Devin LOLLYGAGS behind. Devin is definitely not as safety conscious as Trevor, so I lollygag with him so that he doesn't wander into the path of an oncoming car in the nearby street. But, this puts other parents of the awkward position of what to do with Trevor who is standing, apparently by himself, at the door of the daycare. I normally yell, "He's OK. He's with me." Sometimes they let him in. Sometimes he waits for me anyway.

Devin, in addition to being adroit, discerning, brilliant, dazzling, and sometimes deep, has also been very indecisive lately. This morning as we walked into daycare, he requested that I hold him. That was OK with me because Trevor was already way ahead of us. But, as soon as I picked him up, he said, "No, I walk." So, I put him down, but told him he had to race to catch up with Trevor. Instead of racing, he called out, "TREVOR. COME BACK HERE."

I don't think he gets it about racing. Bossing his brother around, he gets. Racing, not so much.

Racing is a big motivator for Trevor. In the morning, Daddy and I sometimes challenge him to a shoe or coat race. This morning, I had to help him with his shoes for one reason or another, and I mentioned if this was a race, he wouldn't win since I had to help him.

He replied back that I had cheated. He knew that I had cheated because he is supposed to win the shoe race. I think he might have a competitive spirit. about that? It turned out more cohesive than I expected. Like a relish tray with none of those yucky cocktail onions...

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