Thursday, March 01, 2007

Peanuts, Peanuts!

The boys' daycare recently moved from nut sensitive to nut aware, which I think means nut free.

In the grand scheme of things, I am completely and totally OK denying my children peanuts and other tree nuts, as needed, in order to keep other kids safe. Some folks find this a controversial topic. Some folks think the right to a peanut butter sandwich is unalienable for children. Some even argue that peanut butter is a cheap, healthy, food source so we can't deny it to kids whose parents are just getting by. I'm not one of those. I just want to know what I have to do to keep my children's classmates safe from nuts.

Just wanted to make that clear on what side of the peanut allergy controversy I'm on.

Nut free is OK with me.

So, I have no problems with the daycare's move to a nut free status. I think it's a good move. I support it.

What I don't understand, though, is why Trevor now thinks he's allergic to peanuts?? Why does he cry when I tell him that he is, in fact, not allergic to peanuts? Why does he ask for peanut butter sandwiches when he thinks he has a peanut allergy? When did peanut allergies become cool? Is that what is going on here?

It's affected Devin, too. He wrote this little song (or maybe he just sings it):
Peanuts, Peanuts!
Yummy in my tummy!
Umm, Ummm!

I can't imagine that the nut-free daycare center would have the kids sing a song about Peanuts, so I'm pretty certain that Devin composed this little song himself. That would, in fact, make him brilliant, right?

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