Monday, March 05, 2007

My Creative Genius

When I posted Devin's peanut song, I didn't realize just what a creative genius he really is. But, he really is...

This has its good sides, like the peanut song, and its bad sides, like this...

I was upstairs brushing my teeth yesterday when I heard Devin crying. I went the top of the stairs and asked him what was wrong. He continued to cry and asked, "Mommy, where are you?" I told him I was upstairs and since it wasn't life threatening, I went back to getting ready for the day. He made his way to the bathroom, and I asked again why he was sad.

"Daddy hit me," he said.

Well, Daddy doesn't hit Devin ever, so I knew this to be untrue. But, I played along.

"Where did Daddy hit you?"

"Right dere," he said as he pointed to his eye.

"Daddy hit you in the eye?"

"Yeah," he told me while nodding his head.

He did, in fact, make it all up. The thing that was making him sad was that Daddy wouldn't get him some yogurt.

This is the first time that Devin "made a lie" (as Trevor would say) about Daddy. Normally, his lies sound like this: "Trevor hit me."

Now, sometimes, I think Trevor actually commits some sort of transgression against Devin, although it might not involve hitting. But, Trevor is onto Devin and his creative (evil) genius. So, he's gotten pretty quick to point out the times that the thinks Devin is making a lie. The trials of a Mother of Two. It's cool. I think I know what I'm up against.

On the plus side of Devin's genius, he made up a little song and dance about Chuck E. Cheese yesterday. We decided to go there for lunch and games, and just before we loaded up, Devin started swaying back and forth and singing:
Chuck E. Cheese
Chuck E. Cheese
Chuck E. Cheese

Darnit if that wasn't just the cutest thing he did all day long.

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