Monday, March 12, 2007

Other People's Children

On Saturday, our neighbor came over to play. Devin loves the neighbor even though he's really Trevor's friend. So, he did his very best to play beside his brother and his friend, even when he wasn't necessarily wanted.

At one point, he started to cry. I went to check on him, and I asked him what happened. "E hit me!" he told me.

I asked E if he had hit Devin.

"No," he said. "I punched him."

Other people's children are pretty funny, too.

I told his parents this story yesterday. I prefaced it with, "I'm only telling you this because it's funny, so don't get mad."

Still, when I got to the *punch* line, they weren't all that amused. Both had wide eyes and had to cover their mouths to avoid gaping at me in shock.

"NO! IT'S FUNNY!" I tried to tell them. I'm not sure they were really all that amused.

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