Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Devin and colors

Devin doesn't know his colors. Everything is still blue. I think I've mentioned this before. I am trying, slowly but surely, to address this deficit of his. Every opportunity that comes up, I quiz him on his colors. A few minutes ago, he was looking at a picture, and he said, "pumpkin!" It was actually a flower, but it resembled a pumpkin. Anyway, I said, "Yeah...what color is it?"

"No ideas," he said kinda sadly.

I wasn't sure I had heard correctly. So, I pointed to another flower, a yellow one, and I asked what color that was.

Same response: "No ideas," he said a little sadly.

Where did this come from? His inflection is even just what it should be. He said it in a little Eeyore, hangdog voice.

Undeterred, I asked him what color his shirt was.

Undeterred, he looked at it, and exclaimed, "RACECAR!" Twice.

Well, his shirt is yellow. And, there is no racecar on it at all.

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