Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Catch Up Time!

Devin likes to sing. His latest song goes like this:
"mommy, mommy, mommy."

This is my favorite song, ever. With prompting, he will also sing:
"Daddy, daddy, daddy."

And, even:
"Trevor, Trevor, Trevor."

We went to a park the other day, and they had some xylophone pipes built into their big huge playset (Trevor called it his Power Ranger Ship). Devin would strike the pipes and sing, "Sing a Song, Sing a song."

He's very musical. A young prodigy.

On the way to that same park, we heard a lot of motorcycles. It was a beautiful day, and if I had a motorcycle, I would have been out on it myself. Whenever we heard a motorcycle, Devin would ask, "What's that noise?" (What dat nose?) It's not just motorcycles that prompt the What dat nose? question. Birds, Frogs, Trains also prompt the question. We had our windows open last night, and we live by a train track and a nature preserve. So, he asked What dat nose? a lot.

Trevor sat through an entire hour of Mammals vs. Dinos on the Science Channel. When he wasn't watching it as Trevor, he was watching it as Tyrannosaurus Rex. Trevor as Trevor noted that the prehistoric mammals were "so cute" like this: he looked me direct in the face and said, "Mommy, those little mammals are soooo cute." He said it like his little heart was about to burst because it was full of sweetness over those cute little mammals. When he was watching as Tyrannosaurus Rex, he asked, "Mommy, why did I use my enormous bite strength to eat that Triceratops?" I was a little concerned that the violence of one animal eating another may disturb Trevor and that he wouldn't be able to sleep. But, he seemed OK. I guess he would be ok since he was the Tyrannosaurus Rex and not the Triceratops.

I have painted myself into a corner over this interest in dinosaurs. He asks me what dinosaur I want to be. I always tell him that I will be Iguanadon. Sometimes, I tell him that that I'm Iguanadonna. That's fun to say. Well, since T-rex is the king of the dinosaurs, and I'm an Iguanadon, he is the boss of me. That's what he tells me, at least.

And, then finally, Devin and Trevor marched into our bed this morning after the alarm when off. Trevor showed me his weasle toy and said, "I'm going to call him my cute little mammal." And, Devin said, "M-ow, M-ow, I'm a cat!"

And since no big meteor his earth or Jupiter today, we're all in great shape...

Have I mentioned that astronomy is my new Exorcist (the movie, as in it's keeping me up at night)?

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