Sunday, February 18, 2007

Trevor is clever, but not funny

Trevor is so very clever. Long time readers know this. At school, they have a program called shoiw and share.
They bring an object from home that starts with the letter of the week. This week, the letter was O. He brought in an Oscar puzzle.

Well, T week is not too far away now. I am really looking forward to it. I had hoped Trevor would bring in his new transformer (more than meets the eye!) But, he has other plans. His name begins witb T, so he's just going to bring himself in.

Dad got quite a chuckle out ot this. I also found it funny. Trevor told us to stop laughing because it wasn't funny. Ok. He's clever. But, he's not funny...


MOM said...

You are right, he is clever Trevor. I think the name fits very well indeed.
Love MOM

Anonymous said...

You have called him clever Trevor, since he was a baby. The name helped me remember his name was Trevor.
Love Mary

Mary said...

There I am being anonymous again.