Monday, February 19, 2007


We went to see MONSTER JAM! yesterday. And, it was AWESOME! It makes having boys and no girls all worth it! I get to be a big fan of Monster Trucks! Gravedigger is the most popular monster truck in the world for a reason. He waited until the very end of the show to CRASH! (I'll post pics later). Superman was my second favorite. Maybe even my favorite. I haven't decided. Forget about Batman. He broke his truck without even crashing.

We went to Target and picked up a Blue Thunder for Trevor. I tried in vain to get a Silver Gravedigger for Devin, but Daddy thought he didn't seem all that interested. Pshaw! Monster Truck is one of Devin's new words as of yesterday. Monster Jam is another!

Trevor went through the house and gathered up all of our doorstops to use as ramps and spent the rest of Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! putting on Monster Jams complete with his professional announcing voice.

Of course, his announcing voice made us laugh. He told us to stop laughing. Why? Because he's clever, not funny...

Tonight, more Monster Jams are expected.


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