Wednesday, February 21, 2007

"P" Week

Trevor's classroom features a letter of the week every week. This week is P week. Highlights of the week include listing words that start with the letter of the week on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and then bringing in an object that begins with the letter of the week on Thursday.

On Monday in the car on the way to school, Trevor and I talked about some words that begin with P. On the way home from school, he told me that his words included Piggy and Puppy.

Daddy took them to school yesterday, and I took them today.

I reviewed the list of all the P words his morning, and I discovered the teachers list the child's name and the P word that he or she came up with. Sure enough, beside Trevor's name were the two words he told me about: Piggy and Puppy.

But, there was one more word, too.

Can you guess what it is?

It is PEN*S!

(I don't want any per*erts or p*d0philes to google this post accidently, so please fill in the blank.)

Please note, I am not a Prude. In fact, I am Proud that my boy is comfortable enough and smart enough to know this is real word and that it's a real word that begins with the letter of the week.

I'm not sure why Trevor didn't tell me about the third word he had come up. I really think he ought to be Proud, too.

As I walked out of Daycare this morning, one of Devin's classmates stopped and said excitedly to me and his mommy, "Devin's Mommy, Devin's Mommy!" I didn't really recognize this little guy, so I was a little surprised that he recognized me. But, his mom had an explanation. You see, I have a yellow car. I think kids like that. One day, her little one saw me and my little one get into our yellow car. Now, Devin's chum talks about Devin and his mommy's yellow car all the time. We moms introduced ourselves, and as I walked away, I heard her little one saying "Devin" and "Car."

It's not just my kids who are cute and clever...

(Who knew?)

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