Saturday, February 03, 2007

Big HUGE thanks to Uncle Jim!

This morning, Trevor got in bed with us at 6:15. He rested awhile. An hour later, Devin joined us. There was no rest after that. Immediately, the boys started play-hitting each other complete with sound effects. It started out with Boing-oing-oing-oing as their fists bounced off of me and each other (and every now and then Daddy who was doing his very best to sleep). Then progressed to tchoo-tchoo-tchoo. It ended with several hi-yah kicks. Well, actually, it ended with a big, "THAT'S ENOUGH!" from Daddy, and everyone got kicked out of bed.

At Christmastime, Uncle Jim introduced the boys to the fine art of play-wrestling complete with sound effects. He taught them tchoo-tchoo-tchoo (the boys' sound effects aren't quite as realistic as his, yet, but getting there!). I'm not sure where the hi-yah kicks came from. TV probably. That's probably also the source for the Boing-oing-oing.

So, big thanks Uncle Jim. Without you, our boys play-fighting would be a whole lot less fun to watch. It probably wouldn't even be play-fighting. It would probably be real-fighting. It's a building block in their relationship, and I appreciate it. A lot.


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