Monday, October 23, 2006

You've been Boo'd!

There is a tradition of Boo'ing in our neighborhood. In this tradition, that is at least 3 years old, a neighbor will leave a bag of Halloween goodies at our door with a ghost and a note. We hang the ghost to show that we've been boo'd, and then we Boo two more neighbors.

We got boo'd on Saturday night. And, Trevor has not stopped asking questions about the ghost who left the bag of goodies. Yesterday night, it was our turn to boo. Trevor wanted to get dressed up like a ghost, but he settled for a power ranger. Devin put on his batman costume. We filled a bag with candy, and we gave Trevor these very specific instructions: Drop the bag in front of the door, ring the doorbell, and run home as fast as you can.

Daddy and I watched from the porch.

He was stealthlike as he strode across the median on the way to the neighbor's house. If it weren't for his bright green costume, I'm sure no one would have even seen him. Devin plodded behind gracefully with slight pigeon toes. Trevor continued with his stealthlike stride as he climbed the two steps to the neighbor's porch. Devin had to climb. No stealth there.

Trevor dropped the bag and passed Devin, who was still climbing to the porch, on his way home. Devin turned around so that he could return home. Right before Trevor reached home, he said loudly, "I CAN'T FIND THEIR DOORBELL!"

Daddy converted into stealth mode and went back to the neighbor's porch to help find the doorbell. Devin turned back around so that he could continuing BOO'ing. Daddy read a sign on the neighbor's door that said, "Don't use the doorbell, please knock."

He instructed Trevor to knock, so he did. Then, stealth mode returned, and Daddy and Trevor rushed off the porch.

Daddy rushed all the way back to our porch. Trevor rushed all the way back to our driveway. Devin just stayed on the neighbor's porch.

Since Trevor was in charge of this boo'ing, he turned and yelled for Devin, "COME HOME DEVIN! DEVIN, COME HOME!" until, finally, Devin plodded home, slightly pigeon toed, in his batman costume.

Did the neighbors catch the boys boo'ing them? No.

I'm pretty sure they weren't home.

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