Monday, October 23, 2006

More Language

Devin is talking more and more, he's got pretty good retention, and he's forming sentences.

He likes for me to carry him to the basement in the morning so that he can watch TT (TV). We have a little routine. He stands at the top of the stairs, yells "WAIT ME!", I go down two steps, he hands me his food and drink, and then he "jumps" into my arms. As we get to the landing, and he makes comments on the pictures we have there (that we have had there as long as he can remember.) His comments include "Tra-Tra" (Trevor), "Bay-bay" (Devin Baby), Cat.

We got some new books recently that showcase emergency vehicles. Each of them mention the emergency number, 911. The first time I read the books, I tried to teach Trevor the emergency number in case he needed to call it sometime. I would ask him later, "what's the emergency number?" and Trevor would say "9-1-1."

When I ask Devin the same question, I actually get the same response, except it's more like this: "ni-wuh-wuh." He also knows his ABCs. He even sings it. A-B-C. He stops there.

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