Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wake Up, Dad (and Trevor)

Devin likes to wake up before the rest of us, go downstairs, get some breakfast and go watch TV every now and then. He did just this thing this morning. After awhile, he came back upstairs because he was poopy. While he was back in our bedroom, I told him to wake up dad. He said, "Way, Da! Way, Da!" Then I told Devin to tickle Dad awake. So, he pulled his hand away from his face and said "Way, Da! Way, Da!" again.

Now that Dad was awake, I told him to try and wake up Trevor. I had a fleeting thought how this could end badly. But I did not heed that thought. Devin started shaking Trevor awake and tried to pull his blanket away. Trevor pulled back his blanket and said, "ROOOAAAARRRR!"

No joke. Trevor roared at Devin first thing this morning.

I asked him later why he roared at Devin. He said it was because he wanted to wake himself up.

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