Monday, October 30, 2006

Love your brother...

We live at the end of a dead end street, and the only cars that ever come all the way past our mail box belong to me, Daddy, someone coming to visit us, or the neighbor who lives across the road.

It's a good location for toddlers who haven't yet learned that wandering into the road is not very safety conscious.

I was raking leaves today, and the boys were playing outside. The leaf pile must be right by the road so they can be picked up, so we were all down by the street.

Devin wandered into the street twice. The first time, I told him to come back into the yard after Trevor started screaming for him to get out of the road. Trevor has learned the lesson about not playing in the road. He has learned the lesson, indeed. I gave Devin a chance to come back to the yard on his own, and when that didn't work, I went after him. He started running up the road in his own version of the "come-get-me-game." He has NOT learned the lession about road safety.

A few minutes went by, and Devin wandered from the leaf pile to the road once again. Once again, Trevor yelled for Devin to get out the road. Again, I tried to give Devin a chance to come back on his own. Before he really even had a chance to get back in the yard, Trevor yelled, "GET BACK HERE! I WON'T HAVE A BROTHER!" At that point, I just retrieved Devin. Trevor got a little quieter, but he kept talking about how he wouldn't have a brother if Devin played in the road.

I pointed to the line that seperates our driveway from the road and told Devin he could not cross it because it is not safe to do so. He said, "kay." I think we're all good now.

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