Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's day at DQ

So, we went to DQ tonight and the kids were cuter than normal. Devin threw away some garbage at a trash can that was by our table, and he said, "Oh, that was convenient."

Well, it's Mother's day, and Trevor must have wanted to say something nice to me, his mother. So, he said, "Mom, You're convenient." I must have looked confused. So, he clarified. He said, "it's a comment."

We explained that he probably meant it as a compliment, but it really was more of a comment.

Either way, I liked it.

Later, I gave Devin a napkin. I accidentally tossed it into his ketchup, and he said, "really, Dude?" I looked at him all cockeyed and so he added, "ette. Do you know what a dudette is, Mom?"

It was an all around lovely Mother's Day.

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