Tuesday, August 03, 2010

New pictures

As you know (because I've told you) I have trouble deleting pictures even when they suck.

But, still. Here you go...

Pictures from June and July.

Some highlights...
I know this one is sideways, and I apologize. But, I love it. Because Jaci said, "Trusha! Push me on this swing. I cain't swing myself" in the cutest little southern accent that side of the Mississippi.

And, I like this one because I think it will forever haunt her mother, that little attitude.

I like this one because it reminds me how Devin soundly rejected me when he first saw Memaw and then soundly rejected Memaw when Logan arrived:

This one is good because it reminds me how Jena wanders off and quietly joins other families when you're not careful.

I like this one because it's a great big turtle.

I just like this one:

This bear was sad. He or she paced back and forth. I wish they would let it go or euthanize it. That's not a highlight. It just is.

John took William out on the ATVs. Vikki and her family made it out for the 4th of July to pick up Logan It was dusty that day on the ATV.

He really does like watermelon:

Despite evidence to the contrary:

She's cute.



This is Trevor with patriotic hair.

And, a patriotic face:

Devin with patriotic hair and face:

As soon as she got on all the firemen's gear, she struck a pose:

Phineas or Ferb in FIREWORKS!!

Then, we went to Cape Cod in Mass.

We took a whale watching cruise.

We saw spouts:

And, we saw whales:

I think we saw 10. And, here's what we've learned. Each whale has a unique pattern on their flukes, the backs of their tails. So, the whales can be identified. The whales we saw had been named, and they were:
Cajun and her calf
Perseid and her calf
Alphorn (the big male)
And, some others.

I will be honest. I could only remember Cajun and Milkweed. I found the rest of the cruise company's twitter feed!

We also learned that since the calves don't have to dive down to get food, they don't mind hanging out by the boat. They were very curious and unafraid. And, playful! They dove under the boat several times and came up on the other side. One calf batted some seaweed around. It was a great good time. And, we have about 500 pictures of it, so please go to the album link and click through.


This is a baby

This is on the way back to the harbor after the whale cruise. We don't know these people. We just think it's a good picture.

I like this short because it looks panoramic, but it's not:

the boys

The boys took a fishing cruise with grandpa, Jim and Ramona. Devin caught a scary sea robin. He actually caught 2. Here is one:

Since I took this picture, Trevor has lost 3 teeth. The top two that were crazy loose and one on the bottom. So, that's 5 teeth all together. And, 3 (THREE!) in the last week.

Devin actually knocked him in the face and knocked one out, and Trevor gently took out the other two. Also, the tooth fairy didn't get these either.


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