Saturday, February 20, 2010

2 Thoughts and a story

1. It takes a special kind of skill to ski down a mountain slower than I can walk. I have that skill. Trevor may have that skill, too, if the mountain is big enough.

2. I gave Boots a bath which resulted in the tangle the size of my fist. I'm glad he's not a self-conscious poodle because I just cut it out.

Trevor hates writing. It's a struggle for him to write uniformly sized letters and stay on the line. We got a note from his substitute teacher yesterday that she had a funny story. Trevor was working very hard for his sub Thursday afternoon without complaint. When she asked him what was different that was allowing him to work so hard, he told her, "I'm kinda scared of you."

I know that's an excellent punchline, and I should just stop there. But, isn't that funny??? When Trevor asked why I was laughing, I told him. And, he told me, "yeah, she does scare me. Last time I was in class with her, I was always getting in trouble."

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