Sunday, December 06, 2009

I curse you, sky!!! (Fist-Shake, Fist-Shake!)

We got our second snow of the season yesterday. It's quite lovely. Powdery and light. In the middle of it, though, I was outside with the boys and the dog. The dog had snow balls attached to his paws and fur, so I tried to convince him to stay in the garage until the until it melted. He was patient, and I was bored, so I shoveled snow.

And, it kept snowing, and eventually I had removed enough snow so that I could see the driveway. Then, the snow kept falling, but it didn't stick. But, it did leave a thin layer of water. Which turned to ice over night.

(Also, the big balls of snow wouldn't melt on their own. I had to dunk his paws and chest into warm running water).

John was outside this morning on our driveway. The one with no snow, but a nice thin layer of ice. He fell, and he sprained (or maybe fractured?) his wrist. He'll try to see the doctor tomorrow. According to Utah Mountain, wrist sprains can take a long time to heal.

Well, there has been talk of casts around the house. And, Trevor is very sorry that Dad has hurt himself. And, Devin did indeed curse the sky for allowing the snow to fall. I didn't tell him the part that I played with my ill advised snow removal and have thus far avoided any cursing directed towards me...

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