Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oh, sit.

Sometimes, kids will talk strangely. Both boys went through an odd "L" phase. I couldn't explain why it was weird, but I didn't like it. And, I tried to make them stop. Because I didn't like it.

Then, last week, they were going through a phase where they replaced "sh" for the "s" sound.

Then, they told Boots to sit.

Hilarity. Ensued.

Then, I asked them to stop because it's not appropriate to tell your dog to sh-tay or to sh-it.

When they asked why they couldn't say sh-it, I told them it was because it was a naughty word for poop. And, that was that. Or, so I thought.

The next day, Devin tried again. He told Boots to sh-tay. Sh-tay. Sh-tay! Then, he said, "mom, what is that other word for poop?"

I didn't tell him.

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