Sunday, September 13, 2009

Special Agent Oso

If you've ever watched Playhouse Disney, you know that the shows all adhere to a formula, never varying from that formula. They may tweak their formula from season to season, but they stick to the formula.

Handy Manny always gets a call, and on the way to his call, he attempts to help his bumbling neighbor who always turns him down. On the call, the tools always argue a bit, but they ultimately solve the problem, then sing a song and "fix it right." On Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Toodles brings 2 known tools and 1 mystery mouskatool to solve whatever problem they have. And, on Special Agent Oso, Oso is always dispatched to help a little kid solve a problem, and there is always a deadline, and Oso and the kid always solve the problem mere nano-seconds before the deadline expires.

Trevor is now on the lookout for that rare episode of Special Agent Oso where Oso doesn't solve the problem. I do hate to disillusion him and tell him about the formulaic nature of Playhouse Disney and, really, all the shows we love. But, I think I had better. He's pretty serious about wanting to see Oso fail.

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