Monday, September 07, 2009

Roth Family Mojo

We have a little mojo.

2 to be exact.

The first mojo was handed down to me from an old friend. I call it the Crane Game Mojo. We sometimes win at crane games, and I credit it all to the mojo.

I hesitate to to tell you the secret here. I've found that sharing the crane game mojo reduces its power. But, maybe it's time.

The first part of the the mojo is finding a crane game with toys its willing to give up. The crane game has its own mojo where it packs the toys in really tightly. But, wily crane game players, and those not so wily, eventually will work a toy or two loose.

The second thing you have to do to activate the crane game mojo is to position the crane over the heaviest part of the toy. Sometimes it's the head, but other times, it's the bottom. To best position the crane over the toy, look on all available sides of the machine.

The last part of the mojo is luck. The claw only closes well enough to win 1 out of 10 times or something like that.

Now, you have the mojo.

I gave the mojo to John about 10 years ago. We knew he had the mojo when he won three toys in one shot. I had lost the mojo by sharing it with John, and I thought it was gone forever. But, I've recently gotten in back, and I won two toys by myself in the last 3 or 4 weeks. Yesterday, John and I worked together and won a big toy on a big crane game. We rocked the mojo well enough that I think it's OK to share.

Our other mojo, and I love this mojo, is the ability to beat the crowd. We don't always beat the crowd, but we do more often than we don't. Some might think it's just showing up before the crowd arrives, avoiding the crowd, or a figment of my imagination. And, maybe it is all that. And, maybe it's cheating. I think I may have innocently line jumped and beat the crowd recently. Oops! I didn't mean-ta! Either way, it's a mojo and a family story that I completely treasure and/or dig.

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