Friday, July 03, 2009

The Queen

Jena is staying with for a few weeks this summer. On the way up, she had an accident. She tried to tell us in time, but it didn't work, and so I cleaned her up. And, for a few times after that when she didn't have an accident, I cleaned her up. Then, I called her mom and asked if she always cleaned her up. No, she said, but that won't keep her from asking. OK, I was done cleaning her up after that. I can't believe I did that cleaning up bit for as long as I did with my boys. It was really unpleasant!

A few days ago, she was in the bathroom, and when she was ready to be cleaned up, she asked me to help. I said no. I thought NO WAY! I'm so done with that. She insisted that I clean her up. She said, "I'm the queen. I'm the queen!" I said, a big fat p-sha.

It took the boys a little time to accept that Jena was going to be here for a little bit. At first, they were not making their mother proud at all. They just wanted her to leave and to stop touching their things (and above all, to stop screaming!) After about a week, though, she's made herself into a suitable playmate for both boys, but especially for Devin.

They've both been enjoying the little Jeep, and they've been enjoying it in such a way to highlight the fact that HE's a BOY and SHE's a girl. First off, Devin always drives. AND JENA ALWAYS LETS HIM. Then, there have been these little instances where if they were older, I know that he would be opening doors and picking up the tab. She was standing inside the fence, and he was on the sidewalk in his jeep. He pulled up, stopped, and said, "your ride is here!" And, SHE HOPPED RIGHT IN! She took the opportunity to drive another time, and she drove into the fence. Devin sorta groused that he would help, told her to scoot over (AND SHE DID) and got her unstuck. Then, he drove into a tree, got out and walked home, leaving Jena to fend for herself. That didn't highlight gender roles as much as it highlighted classic Devin behaviors.

On gender roles, Jena has surprised me with her girliness. We went to a rock and mineral show the other day. They had dusty old rocks and pretty shiny rocks made into jewelery. And, I spent all my time with Jena, looking at the jewelery. We passed by a clothing store with dresses in the window every day. And, when she noticed them, she exclaimed how pretty they were and how we just had to get one for me. So cute. I think I'm going to take her out for a manicure or something today and act like a girl myself. I had forgotten what it was like!

On another note, I'm really sad about the untimely passing of Billy Mays. I'd blogged about him before, surprised that Trevor knew who he was, and how he had convinced both my children that *I* needed a big city sliders hamburger cooker for my kitchen. Trevor did indeed know who he was. And, he and I watched Pitchmen last night on the Discovery Channel, and Trevor cried himself to sleep. He grief was real and sad.

Also, Trevor's teeth still haven't fallen out. The dentist said to just wait. They will.

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