Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Am I the only one?

I went to the doctor once because I thought I had strep. He didn't think I was sick enough, but did the test any way. When it came back positive, I was all, "YES!" And, he called me insane. I didn't really want strep. But, worse, I didn't want to be wrong! I had another similar moment today. Trevor's been complaining of a sore tooth for the last week. So, I took him into the dentist. It's a back tooth. I'm not sure which one. I never looked because...yuck. That's why. Because mouths gross me out! Oh, no!

When, they first started looking, they thought it was just a loose tooth. I was so embarrassed. A loose tooth?! And, I had never even bothered to check if that was the issue for my 6 year old.

Just a moment ago, I was thinking how glad I was that it was really a chipped tooth and not a loose tooth because had it been a loose tooth, I would have been so embarrassed. And, here I am. Embarrassed anyway...

Also, they just filled it in a little, and he's fine now. Just fine. He chipped it on some skirt steak. It's pretty tough. I guess.

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