Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The sacrifices we make

I can never get right to the point. I really ought to work on that.

We've known for a couple of years that we should encourage Trevor in science and problem solving. It's how his mind works, and he enjoys it. I mean, we bought him a book on the periodic table, and it was his favorite book for months! Seriously!

Devin was more of a challenge. I didn't know where or how I should encourage him, and it really made me feel bad. He has started rebelling against all the scientist books that we read to Trevor at bedtime that he had to listen to. But, we didn't know what we should be doing.

Then, one day, he told us he wanted to be a sign maker. And, another day, his teacher showed us his glittery finger paintings with awe. Another day, his Sunday school teacher marveled at how he used one sponge to make a fish with 3 different colors. And, then a light bulb went off! And, we've started encouraging him to be artistic.

To that end, we recently procured an easel and some art supplies.

I've told him that he can only paint with the paint and paintbrushes if I am supervising him.

This morning, he asked if I had time to "sacrifice" him because he really wanted to paint.

I'd better get busy with the sacrificing...

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